Everyday Humans by SYRP

This is my submission to the video competition "Everyday Humans" presented by SYRP. Chocolate, “her” majesty! Director: Pantelis Ladas Assistant director: Peggy Tsolakaki Producer: Pantelis Ladas Executive producer: LDSPRO.net Talent: Eri Kazatzides, Vasilis Papameletiou Assistant talent: Nafsika Eleutheriou, Sissy Stefanidou, Peggy Tsolakaki Director of Photography: Pantelis Ladas Music Composer: Giorgos Stathis Subtitling: Peggy Tsolakaki Everyday Humans is a short film series inspiring creative film-making through compelling storytelling. No superheroes or famous faces, just everyday humans doing what they do. http://everydayhumans.com/competition/ Thanks to "Chocolart"

Chocolate, “her” majesty!
Vasilis Papameletiou is the co-owner and co-founder of a cottage industry he runs with his wife Eri Kazatzides, in a coastal town of Greece, named Eleusis or Elefsina, near Athens. They deal with Chocolate, “her” majesty! In Greek, chocolate is a feminine noun and that is why chocolate is a “She”, a lady that allows the talents have a special everyday life that changes constantly. Working together the couple faces not only the current crisis situation of Greece but the difficulties of working in a small creative cottage industry where two people are in charge of every procedure! Despite the problems, chocolate makes their life sweeter!
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